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Replacing Fein multimaster blades for Survivalists

Survivalists come in all makes and models, often depending on what they think the most likely bad scenarios may be. There are zombie survivalists, nuclear survivalists, civil war survivalists, draught and famine survivalists, and others for just about every doomsday theme you can think of. Then there are the practical survivalists who just want to be prepared in case of any number of realistic emergencies. Whatever type of survivalist you think you are, preparation is your life, right? It’s all about having the right training and the right equipment. One piece of equipment that I find very, very practical is an oscillating multi tool like a Dremel multi-max or Fein multimaster. These come in cordless varieties or with a cord, and they can be used for dozens of dozens of different purposes – cutting lumber, plywood, drywall, particle board, insulation board, plastics, fiberglass, nails, wire, and more. You can use them to scrape old paint, clean up spilled concrete, trim sheet metal, sharpen tent stakes, polish metal, sand wood, and do a ton of other really practical things. You never know what kind of things you may need to build, repair, or modify in a survival scenario, or just around the house on an average weekend. Get a handful of Fein multimaster blades and you are all set to take on just about any project. If you check out Fitzall you can read their blades descriptions to get a better feel for just how much can be done with these things. You can also find really good, cheap replacement blades for any brand and model of oscillating tool blades and save half or more. If you are really going to be prepared for survival, you need more than just food, water, and weapons. A tool like this could make all the difference.

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Craftsman Nextec, Rockwell Sonicrafter, and Fein Multimaster..

Men stress out about buying for women all the time. Across the world, the poor guys are worrying about finding a gift she will like. They are hoping for some kind of universal secret to finding the perfect gift. The cruel joke is that the only secret to buying for women is that every woman is different. The only approach to take is to listen, learn, and take notes. Get to know her personality and take notes if you think you need help remembering. Don’t assume that every woman wants flowers, candy, or stuffed animals.

For instance, some of the coolest women you are likely to meet are Tomboys. Many guys think that there is nothing better than a beautiful girl who can hang with the guys in the garage or the woods. If the woman you are buying for is the kind who would rather build a deck than go to the spa, then consider a multi tool for her next gift. These things are great. Maybe you already have one. This is a power tool that uses different blades for different jobs. You can use it for hundreds of tasks – trimming carpet, cutting in floors, breaking down boxes, cabinetry, sculpting, ripping through branches, cutting nails, taking out old plumbing, and about a zillion other things. The Craftsman Nextec, Rockwell Sonicrafter, and Fein Multimaster, are all excellent tools.

When you buy a power tool for the wrong girl, you are in the dog house. When you buy a multi tool for the right girl, she builds a dog house. Buying a girl a power tool shows respect, the idea that you think she can handle it and knows what to do with it. The blades need to be replaced eventually, so you also have more stuff to buy for her – great for those little gifts. This strategy will not work for everyone, but keep it in mind.


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